Frozen Fruits Indonesia

Frozen Fruits Indonesia: Benefits and Business Potentials

People are now becoming more aware of the importance healthy foods, including fruits in their daily menus because there are a lot of advantages that can be obtained from consuming fruits. Indonesia is one of the countries that have quite rich types of fruits with quit large production each year. With the tropical environment, Indonesia produces many kinds of fruits that can hardly be found in the countries with subtropical climate. With the large production every year, there is an increasing development of businesses in the sector of frozen fruits Indonesia. More people see the opportunities to start selling fruits in relatively new ways by having the fruits frozen before they market them.

Frozen fruits are not only locally traded. Many kinds of fruits from Indonesia have become popular abroad and this has opened new opportunities for fruit trade business in Indonesia. With the advancement of the food preservation technology, it is very possible now to preserve foods for 3 months longer. One of the common techniques to do it is freezing technique, besides drying and salting. Using this technique, many kinds of fruits have been exported to many other countries.

The Advantages of Frozen Fruits Indonesia

Even though frozen fruits have been recognized widely, people are still confused of whether to choose fresh fruits or frozen fruits. This is because they are still unsure which one has better nutrition contents. In reality, most people have come up with the idea that fresh fruits are always better than frozen ones because fresh fruits do not go through some additional processes before they are consumed. Is it that true?

It still needs to see the other factors to decide which one is better than the other one. In fact, frozen fruits Indonesia offer no less nutrition than fresh fruits do. In many conditions, these frozen fruits are even much better than the freshly consumed fruits. Below are some advantages of frozen fruits over fresh fruits:

Giving more practicality
Frozen fruits are usually packed in clean and compact condition. Therefore, they are easier to be stored in the refrigerator and do not consume too much space. It also saves more time because they do not need any more cleaning before storing them. For those who have quite tight schedules every day, cleaning fruits can be a big business. Therefore, frozen fruits are just perfect solutions.

Having longer storing span
Fruits that are preserved through the freezing process can stand much longer than fresh fruits. They are still in good conditions until six months. This is very useful for restaurant or any other culinary businesses that use Indonesian fruits in a large quantity. They can purchase in larger quantity when the prices are lower, such as in certain fruits seasons, and then preserve them for long-term usage. This will save them more cost.

Easier to process
It is easier and faster to process frozen fruits Indonesia because they are usually already clean and ready to consume. They can be directly blended or mix with the other ingredients to make salad, for example.

More availability
Since frozen fruits can be preserved within six months, almost all kinds of fruits can be available throughout the year even when it is not the season. Frozen fruit is another solution for restaurants or other businesses, which use certain kinds of fruits as the menus or included in the ingredients that naturally are not always available throughout the year.

More preserved nutrition
It is often mistakenly understood that frozen fruits are no better than fresh fruits. The statement is not entirely true because in certain cases, quite common cases, fresh fruits contain less nutrition than frozen ones. The fact is that frozen fruits can preserve more nutrition in a longer time because of the freezing process compared to fresh fruits that are preserved in home refrigerator.

How can be frozen fruits Indonesia better ?

Most people have the understanding that fresh fruits always provide better nutrition than frozen ones. It is true when the fresh fruits are directly consumed after they are harvested and not going through manual or home preserving processes, especially in a long time. The nutrition contained in fresh fruits will decrease along with the time spent for preserving. The longer they are stored, the more nutrition will be gone. Some studies discovered that preservation and cooking techniques could reduce the nutrition of fresh fruits until half of their initial nutrition contents.

A study has been conducted to test eight kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables to compare the nutritional content when they are bought, manually stored for five days, and after going through the freezing process like frozen fruits Indonesia. It surprisingly suggests that the content of vitamin C, vitamin A, and folic acid of frozen fruits and vegetables are higher than the ones bought fresh. This is because the freezing process has locked the nutrition so that the nutrition will stay when the harvest season is over.

Another study also indicates the same thing. It has proven that two of the three food samples of frozen fruits have higher content of antioxidants, including vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins, lutein, and beta-carotene than fresh fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables usually will be saved some time to finally consumed. Those time spans cause the decrease of the nutritional contents.

Frozen Fruits Supplier from Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest tropical frozen fruits with not only a large quantity, but also quite many varieties. Therefore, it is just right to source for frozen tropical fruits from the Indonesian suppliers. With the large quantity production each year, frozen fruits suppliers from Indonesia offer competitive prices to fulfill the demands from restaurants, cafes, factories manufacturing jams, bread or cookies, ice cream and other kind of drinks, and also for the distributors or retailers.

Frozen fruits Indonesia are chosen from the high quality fresh fruits after being selected carefully using tight standards. Some typical frozen fruits provided by the Indonesian suppliers are durian, coconut, pink guava, banana, mango, pineapple, soursop, papaya, avocado, star fruit, watermelon, melon, mangosteen, and many more.

Many frozen fruits suppliers from Indonesia offer their goods through the international online trading sites. Some are quite active in participating in international trade fairs. Frozen fruits importers from all over the world can easily find them there, and proceed to more serious negotiation privately and thoroughly.

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